All of our refrigerated trailers are cleaned and maintained to a very high standard in compliance with "HACCP" industry standards and accreditation requirements. 

With the use of an infrared temperature reader, all vehicles delivering goods to our depot are checked to ensure that they have been delivered to us at an acceptable temperature. We record the temperature of the items, as well as inside the vehicle, before recording the information on the consignment note, unloading the goods and transferring them immediately into our cool room or freezer where they are safely stored until they are loaded for transport.

Our refrigerated vehicles are temperature checked at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring that the fridge units are operating at optimum performance. The final temperature check is performed and recorded prior to vehicles departing the depot. Temperatures are also recorded every two hours throughout the duration of a trip, or at each delivery point.

Frozen and Chilled Goods

  • Fruit and Veg

  • Milk and Dairy Products

  • Seafood, Meat & Poultry

  • Hanging Meat Carcasses

  • Pastries and Cakes

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Medicines


There is not much that we aren't able to transport when it comes to general freight. With far too many items to list, contact us with your requirements and we will offer you our most competitive price to transport it.

We have dedicated runs to various towns on a set weekly schedule of 1, 2 or 3 runs per week. We can also accommodate bulk transport requirements and provide dedicated trips to most destinations throughout W.A. with combinations of single trailers to triple road trains.

Dry Goods and Fragile Items

  • Alcohol

  • Groceries and Dry Food

  • Furniture (pre-assembled or flat packed)

  • Fridges, Washing Machines, TV's

  • Tyres (all sizes up to tractor tyres)

  • Building & Hardware Materials

  • Lengths of Wood / Steel / Metal / Glass

  • Bikes / Buggies / 4-Wheelers 


We believe that the transportation of dangerous goods MUST be undertaken by Drivers who are experienced and fully confident in their own abilities. It takes the right person to be able to think and act quickly in the correct manner in the case of an emergency involving dangerous and deadly substances.  In the wrong hands, the outcome could be potentially catastrophic - it could end up very costly or it could cost someone their life.

For this reason, we only allow some of our Drivers to undertake dangerous goods transport. Our dedicated DG Drivers are fully qualified and experienced, and we have 100% confidence in their ability to perform the task safely.


CWFL operate a fleet of around 25 vehicles, comprising of various trucks and trailers. We have set runs which operate two or three times per week, and we also provide one off/hot shot services and dedicated trips, such as the transportation of bulk dangerous goods.

All of our fleet vehicles are kept clean and well presented, as well as being very well maintained and regularly serviced under our strict in-house maintenance management compliance system. We also have an on-site Mechanic employed at our Perth depot, enabling us to ensure that any issues with our vehicles are recognised and rectified throughout the day prior to trip departure.

  • 8-tonne rigid trucks

  • 40/45 foot flat deck and flatbed trailers

  • Drop Decks

  • 12-pallet A Trailers

  • 10-pallet A Trailers

  • Refrigerated A Trailers

  • Refrigerated Trailers (40 & 45 foot)

  • 22-pallet Dry Freight Trailers

  • Curtainsiders

  • Drop Decks

  • Low Loaders

  • Flat Tops

  • Road Train Dollies

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